Erotic massage

Erotic massage in the “Aphrodite” salon: its types and techniques of execution

Классный эротический массаж в салоне АфродитаMany people with constant work and daily routine lack affection and new sensations in life. This is what this erotic massage  in Kiev can provide in the “Aphrodite” salon. Erotic massage Kiev is a special type of massage that is used to prevent dysfunctions and enhances the sensitivity of the reproductive system. It also helps to relax and regulates the blood supply to the skin and internal organs. Erotic massage for couples is also not uncommon: it helps to diversify personal life and kindles a spark in relationships. The employees of the “Aphrodite” salon in Vinnitsa provide clients with sensations several times brighter than usual intimacy. Erotic VIP massage also includes light biting, tongue or lip movements. The client is allowed to touch the masseuses in the process.

Body massage as a special type of erotic massage

This type of massage is performed not only with the hands, but also with other parts of the masseuse’s body. For the first time this technique gained its popularity in India and China, and then migrated to Europe and, concurrently, to Kiev. The massage is divided into several main stages: Preparatory or gong fu. With gentle, rhythmic movements, the specialist rubs the client’s skin with special oils that help relieve tension. The choice of aromatic oils in Vinnitsa is incredibly wide and depends directly on their effect on the body. “Tao”. This is a kind of transitional stage between the first and the next. The massage therapist increases the pressure and rubbing on the client, but the pace becomes slower. Rubbing or an-mo. The movements become more intense, and the focus is shifted towards the erogenous zones. “Aphrodite” professionally trains massage therapists to observe this line between gentle and at the same time persistent strokes. Mo-fu. Hands move to the stomach. The main actions are carried out with the area around the navel. Movements can be both clockwise and in the opposite direction. The final stage. The girl uses her hips, chest, hair and buttocks, and her hands fade into the background. Erotic massage for girls also exists, although not so common. The technique in both cases is almost identical.

Nuru: the art of massage comes from Japan

Нуру массаж в ВинницеVinnytsia nuru massage is no different from the classic one. Both partners strip naked and smear their bodies with a hypoallergenic gel without taste or smell and rub their bodies against each other. Translated from Japanese, nuru means “smooth”, “slippery”. The massage can be performed by one or two people. Before this procedure, be sure to take a hot shower or bath, this will help relieve stress and excess tension. At the beginning of the session, the man lies on his back, after which a naked employee of the Aphrodite salon enters the room. This immediately excites the client and makes him more lustful. From more massive parts of the body such as the back and shoulders, the specialist slowly moves to the buttocks, calves and feet, not forgetting to stimulate the intimate areas. What is erotic massage in your understanding? Only gentle hand touches and relaxing music? Not really. This is a real ritual, which has its own special features and obligatory moments.

Historical information about erotic massage and description of the service

The first mentions of body processing of a sexual nature are from Asian countries. Such a service appeared several thousand years ago. Her performers, geisha, pleased the man not only spiritually (with their dances and singing), but also physically (using one of the techniques of sexual pleasures). Modern erotic massage in Vinnitsa is a full-fledged complex of activities that carry a relaxing character. The mandatory aspects of such a procedure include:
  • filling the room with pleasant and relaxing incense;
  • musical accompaniment of the masseur’s actions; special
  • a sequence of caresses leading to increased sensitivity of the body.

An important aspect of erotic massage is the nakedness of the girl performing it. The masseuse not only massages the client’s back, arms and legs, but also presses against his sensitive areas with bare areas of her body. Such actions entail an increase in testosterone and, as a result, relaxation.

Why do you need erotic massage?

Naturally, the main purpose of such a service is to receive pleasure. However, few people know about other equally important steps of the procedure. But erotic massage is:

  1. The best cure for fatigue and stress. The procedure helps to distract from external worries and completely trust in the gentle hands of a beautiful person.
  2. Raising tone. For a cheerful mood, a person needs to periodically experience new sensations. Erotic massage does an excellent job of increasing activity.
  3. Health. Despite its erotic nature, this procedure is primarily a massage that performs wellness functions. Its implementation in the salons is entrusted only to professional masseurs.
Among other things, body massage with elements of eroticism is a great opportunity for a variety of sexual life. Even if you are already in a relationship, this service will be beneficial. It will give new sensations and allow your sensitivity to shine with new colors.

How is the procedure carried out and what types of massage are there?

The procedure in the “Aphrodite” salon is similar to foreplay. With the help of nibbling, touching and kissing, the partner turns on the man, bringing him to the maximum point of pleasure. In this case, the end of the service will not necessarily be sex. The sensations that the client receives from erotic massage are sometimes much higher than the pleasure from intercourse.

Today, several relaxation procedures have been developed for men at once:

  • Water foam. It implies preliminary relaxation of the client in a bubble bath with aromatic oils. The erotic massage itself is performed in water.
  • Thai. The classic technique in which a naked girl massages the client with parts of her body.
  • Tantric. This type of procedure is similar to petting. The key difference is the high spiritual desire that both partners experience.
  • Aquagel. In this case, the service is also carried out under water, but only in the shower using aroma gel.
  • Japanese. The technique is gentle. It is often called the “Sakura Branch”. During this procedure, the masseuse teases the partner, barely touching the erogenous zones with her lips and tongue.

To get an erotic service it is absolutely not necessary to visit the “Aphrodite” salon in Vinnitsa. You can also feel new facets of pleasure at home. It does not matter who will perform the procedure – a professional massage therapist or a regular partner, the effect will be high in any case. The body will tone up, stress will recede, and mood and activity will noticeably increase!