For couples

What is erotic massage for couples and how does it differ from regular classical massage?

Finding a soul mate and starting a family is a great joy, but over the years there is such a thing as everyday life and the colors of past feelings gradually fade away. Increasingly, people who are in long-term relationships spend their free time apart and forget what it is like to relax together. Erotic massage for couples is an opportunity for a joint rest with complete relaxation.

What is the difference between erotic massage for couples and a simple classic massage?

Эротический массаж для парErotic massage Kiev for couples at first sight looks like a classic erotic massage Kiev, but in fact it is much more intimate! This type of massage is becoming quite popular because the process promises something new, unprecedented and exciting. During the procedure, professional masters delicately pamper every part of your naked body, including intimate areas, and bring erotic tension to the maximum.

Benefits of erotic massage for couples:

  • You will spend time together in an intimate setting;
  • This is a unique and invaluable experience that will diversify your relationship;
  • You will learn new ways to bring your partner to bliss;
  • You will be able to discover new erogenous zones for yourself and your partner.

During a pair of erotic massage, you will not only plunge into the waves of pleasure, but also see how your soulmate gets pleasure. This double effect is much more relaxing than a regular erotic massage.

What happens during an erotic massage for couples and how does the process work?

As a rule, erotic massage for couples is carried out in a stylish and comfortably furnished room, where soft calm music is played, and the air is filled with pleasant incense. You will be next to your significant other during the procedure – it is up to you whether you hold hands or lie next to each other. There are several scenarios:

  1. Short program. It all starts with a classic massage for two. This part of the program allows guests (be they young lovers or married couples) to relax and unwind. With skillful hand movements, the masters will relax every muscle in your body, driving away thoughts of everyday affairs and problems. When your body is completely relaxed, the erotic part of the program begins.
  2. Long program. This scenario differs from the previous version in that after the erotic part of the program, the couple receives a VIP-room for an hour and, as a gift from the institution, a bottle of champagne or wine. In such a room, guests can use a jacuzzi and a sauna. The couple can dispose of this time at their discretion.

Erotic massage for couples is a great opportunity to learn something new about each other. Very often, spouses, watching the actions of masseurs, learn about new erogenous zones of the partner and open up new opportunities for sexual play. Even one session of such massage often works better than a session with a psychologist.