Asian erotic massage: features and types, technique and techniques.

Erotic massage Kiev has always been very popular in Asian countries. Asian erotic massage is a real treasure of the culture and philosophy of Asian peoples, a special element of spiritual life, serving to cognize the highest harmony of body and soul. Any representative of the stronger sex wants to rest, relax, get a feeling of comfort and warmth in the whole body. Asians especially understand this and have been using massage techniques, including erotic ones, since ancient times. Consider the features and techniques of Asian erotic massage using the example of Thai and Chinese techniques

Thai erotic massage is a true art. Technique and techniques.

/Восточный эротический массажIt was originally used to please rich and powerful men. Now everyone can afford it. Requires complete nudity of both the guest and the masseur, which allows you to completely surrender to sensations and feelings. The sessions take place in an intimate atmosphere, with relaxing music in the background. Getting into the massage room, the client lies down on a special massage table. The masseuse applies aromatic oil, warms the skin surface with her fingertips and prepares the client for the main session. Several types of techniques are practiced during the session: Kneading and stroking the body with smooth movements. “Squeezing”, when every movement becomes even, but more and more gaining strength. Rubbing with hands when the client feels that his body is on fire. The masseuse’s hands stretch the skin, grab, lift and squeeze. During the session, the man is invited to evaluate the more intimate techniques of this of erotic massage, which will drive him crazy. Girls affect the intimate parts of the body and male erogenous zones, involving parts of their body: breasts, strands of hair, caresses with the tongue and fingers of the man’s intimate zones, without touching the penis, you can play with the buttocks. And as the end of this process, the man is offered a “happy ending”, to which he can either agree or not.

Types and features of Chinese erotic massage. Working with energy flows.

If you are tired, want to replenish your life energy or find a way to yourself, then do not pass by the Chinese massage room. This type of erotic massage is aimed at working with energy points, opening energy flows and complete relaxation. The masseuse will saturate the body with traditional oils and herbal oils and massage with gentle hands. There are Chinese sensual massage, tantric massage, prostate massage and four-hand massage. The Chinese massage philosophy implies total relaxation through the merging of two bodies. Tantric massage allows the bodies to touch each other tightly, bringing the partner to the point of orgasm several times and back, relieving all the accumulated stress in the most erotic manner. A four-hand massage will make you experience double pleasure and double excitement. Asian erotic massage is deep relaxation, a feeling of filling the body with energy, relieving stress. An erotic massage session lasts from 60 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the services provided. Both men and women can use the services of Asian erotic massage. Seductive craftsmen guarantee their clients a colossal release of sweet emotions. There is no need to doubt – the effect of this procedure is amazing.